I love the finishers medals.  Marathons, some half marathons, various races who like to join the fun – all of these give unique medals for the collector in all of us.  I have mine hanging on the wall in my office and I like looking at them.  I give some thought to the placement of each new one and I’ve given some thought to how I will store them.  (At some point, enough will be enough hanging on the wall.)  I love the medals.  But I don’t wear them.  Once I’m home from the race, off they come and onto the wall.

But I like other things that remind me of the races and advertise my hobby.  The race shirts are great, too.  All the new style ‘tech’ fabric ones are perfect for training runs and races.  I can wear the cotton ones to work sometimes.  I have coffee cups, beer glasses, key chains, hats and water bottles, a couple of pins, a pair of socks, a poster and some nice tote bags with race names and logos printed on them.  It is all great good fun and actually inspired me to look around and see what goodies may be purchased by or for the running enthusiast outside of the race goody bag.

It’s astonishing.  And fun and entertaining.  And sometimes inspiring.

A couple of months before my first marathon, I went online shopping for a marathon necklace I could wear every day to remind me of my goal.  I found a line of jewelery that is rustic and subtle and exactly what I was looking for: Nana Smith Designs.  She does marathon and triathlon stuff and will do custom orders.  Love my necklace!

This year, I’ve been looking for something similar for my 50 mile ultra marathon.  There is much less out there that focuses on ultra distances.  I did find this:  That was fine but I looked around some more because surely there were other designs out there.  And there are:  And: Tarma Designs, which I really like the style of the sand polished marathon pendant but not seeing any 50 mile specific designs.  At I found a necklace that might get the job done.  Let me just say here I’ve found many fun things at Gone for a Run, including a luggage tag and t-shirt that I like very much.  I’ll be going back for a bumper sticker and a couple of things from time to time – they have a comprehensive collection of apparel, jewelry, gifts and accessories.  Anyway, I was searching for a necklace and not finding a great deal of variety.  Given the options and instead of having something custom-made, I’m thinking it may be this: handcrafted jade necklace.  I like it.  And I like jade.  So… at some point this year I’ll probably pick it up.

And maybe some earrings.  A bracelet… maybe an anklet.  🙂


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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5 Responses to Bling!

  1. Robin says:

    I’d like to get you something as a remembrance – We’ll see. Do well! Run swiftly. Don’t DIE!!!!! Nutcase. 50 miles????? i cant even drive 50 miles without a rest! Are you out of your mind? I think, for your birthday, your family should give you all expense paid visit to a shrink. :>)

  2. Haha says:

    You are indeed the queen of on-line shopping! Great stuff!!

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