The Workouts 1/31 – 2/6

Oh dear.  It seems the weather has it in for me.  After enjoying a nearly perfect 16 week lead up to the last marathon, these last 4 weeks have been one trial after another and outdoor running days have been few and far between.  That said, I should have marched myself to the indoor track and logged some miles there… but I didn’t.  Even knowing better, I always thought the next day would be better… but it wasn’t.  So, with only myself to blame, here’s the last week’s so-called effort.

  • 1/31 – total body weights, core toning and medicine ball workout.
  • 2/1 – rest day.
  • 2/2 – total body weights.
  • 2/3 – 5 mile run – 1.5 miles on asphalt, 3.5 miles on dirt road.  26 degrees, 50% humidity and minds <5 mph.
  • 2/4 – 4 mile run – out and back on asphalt. 40 degrees, 55% humidity, winds about 8 mph.
  • 2/5 – absolutely nothing.
  • 2/6 – total body weights, medicine ball workout.

Yeah, I’m not real proud of that.  Checking this week’s forecast, it looks like Friday – Sunday are going to be good running days but this time I will do what I should have done last week and say, “Yeah.  Right.”  And so today I take a gym bag with me to work and will stop at the indoor track on my way home and hopefully shore up some rest-induced weaknesses and, additionally, resuscitate my resolve.  That’s the plan.


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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1 Response to The Workouts 1/31 – 2/6

  1. Haha says:

    A little rest facilitates healing of the tiny tears in your muscles resulting from rigorous workouts and it can be a good thing. I know you know that and you know I know you know that and I know you know I know you know that and…oh, dear. Now, I’m confused.

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