Running in Northeast Colorado – Winter #3

In the last couple of years I’ve been trying to run, November through April has been difficult.  Wind, snow, ice and more wind.  I’d get to a point where if it looked like there might be some weather out there I’d wait for another day to run.  This made maintaining any consistent level of fitness a challenge.  Remember those injuries?

This year, with my goals in mind, I determined I couldn’t sit out 4 or more months.  For motivation I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Being in January, it would kick off my year, give me a warmer place to run a race, and help me keep going in the winter.  Fortunately for my training schedule, the weather was pretty mild up until December 31st.  I managed to be in good condition for the WDW Marathon and I enjoyed every minute of it and didn’t get injured.

But I did get sick a few days later and couldn’t kick the cough for almost two weeks.  Since then the weather set in with determination: snow, wind… in short, winter.  And blowing hard enough to bring wind chill factors down into the -30’s.  So… not anything I cared to run in.  For the last two weeks there have been about 5 days I really thought it worth attempting to run.  Those runs have gone well enough but the mileage isn’t there for maintaining my fitness level. 

To maintain my momentum for staying in shape this winter and building up to my ultra marathon in October, I picked the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Arizona for my February race.  It’s two weeks away now and I am feeling that I am not in good enough condition to run it the way I wanted to.  I set a PR at the WDW marathon and I was hoping to hit that mark and maybe better it in Arizona.  Now I think my Arizona marathon will have to be much slower.  Above all, I do not need an injury from running too hard.  All I can do at this point is try for some consistent runs even though they won’t be very long. 

So… I ran yesterday and as I worked on this post, the wind picked up and a front moved in.  This morning it is 3 degrees and snow on the ground with more coming down and the next few days are supposed to be well below freezing and sometimes below zero with wind and snow.  Though I feel like I would rather be slapped in the face with a wet fish than run on the indoor track or the treadmill, I am thinking I’ll have to do just that on Wednesday.  I ran Monday in leu of my ‘rest day’ so today will be a non-running workout.  But Wednesday – the shoes must hit the trail, indoor or out.

I do live here and I do know what winter here is like and I did know it would challenge my training schedule.  It is.  Now I have to deal with it.  So I guess it’s off to the gym, because, in the world of physical conditioning, if you don’t do anything, you don’t achieve anything.


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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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2 Responses to Running in Northeast Colorado – Winter #3

  1. Haha says:

    I admire your determination.

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