The Workouts 2/7 – 2/13

Well, it was an interesting week with warmer weather but also a lot of wind.  I decided to try yoga after being intrigued by the practice for the last 15 years or so.  I’m not very flexible and, like racing, I always thought you needed to be able to do it before you did it.  Well… there is definite room for improvement, but I picked up the ‘beginner’s’ level DVD and it probably couldn’t be more basic.  One thing I noticed is that several of the poses require good balance.  Balance work trains the small muscles and builds a strong foundation for the large muscles to work from.  So, I’m thinking the yoga may help prevent injury as well.

This week:

  • 2/7 – 5 mile run – 1.5 miles on asphalt, 3.5 miles on dirt.  33 degrees, 57% humidity, wind <8 mph.
  • 2/8 – yoga and medicine ball workout
  • 2/9 – rest day – yoga
  • 2/10 – weights, medicine ball workout
  • 2/11 – 5 mile run out and back on asphalt.  34 degrees, wind <8 mph, 60% humidity
  • 2/12 – 5 mile run out and back on asphalt. 35 degrees, wind <15 mph, 58% humidity
  • 2/13 – WIND!!!! Yoga.

The new shoes seem to be wearing in well and the medicine ball workout continues to be an interesting addition to the rest of the ‘routine’.  Speaking of which, I try not to be in too much of a routine.  Constant change in the physical conditioning requires the body to constantly adapt to new stresses and become stronger.  Trying out new workouts and gear makes the whole process more interesting but I start at the lowest level and gradually build up.  Any amount of a new activity (or one you haven’t done in a while) is more than you have been doing.  ‘Start small and build big’ is the guiding thought in my head.  Also, a horse trainer I’ve read about frequently says, “The quickest way to fast is through slow”.  It may seem tedious and frustrating but, in the case of physical conditioning, it actually saves the hassle of having to start over from an injury.  To a person who is still able to eat Tupperware, stay up all night and run 100 miles the next day – or remembers those days like they were yesterday, this may seem fussy and unnecessary.  To each their own.


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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1 Response to The Workouts 2/7 – 2/13

  1. Haha says:

    I fear I am guilty of starting fast and having no patience with slow. A pulled groin muscle that keeps coming back to chastize me was my most recent reward for my impatience. Kudos to you for doing it the smart way.

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