Race Coming Up! Arkansas

I am currently registered for the Little Rock Marathon in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 6.  Upon returning from Arizona this last Tuesday, I then spent the next three days commuting to professional meetings in Ft. Collins.  I finally ran today and felt a little winded.  Elevation?  Post marathon recovery?  Cold winter running conditions?  Maybe all of the above.  I plan on spending the next week doing fairly short conditioning runs and hope I’m ready to roll when I get to Little Rock.

My reasons for running Little Rock are simple:

  • The Medal of Mythic Proportions – check it out, it’s ridiculous
  • Another state towards my goal of running them all
  • Not TOO far away.  HA!  Quite FAR away, actually. 
  • Low elevation, fairly flat course
  • Did I mention the Medal of Mythic Proportions?  😉

I do know of people in Arkansas but I don’t expect to see anybody I know.  A real bonus this time around: I’ll be traveling to the race with my best buddy and nothing says friendship like a long road trip.

Weather:  As I write this on a gorgeous 20 degree morning in Colorado, it is… 65 degrees in Little Rock.  Wow. 

But OK, I have to admit something here.  Whatever karma there may be related to weather apparently hates me.  Why is it that all three locations I have traveled to (or are about to travel to) for marathons forecast rain on race day?  Gorgeous, sunny, friendly weather leading up to my arrival and then… rain.  What is this?  (It is all about me, by the way 🙂 )  Sure enough, Little Rock is looking at some nice weather until Friday.  Then rain until Sunday and clear on Monday.  Kinda like Arizona.  And Florida – except Florida kept the rain coming through Monday.  Hmmm…  How exactly do I not feel targeted? 

Hoped for weather:  Please, no rain.

This race is off to a relatively late start: 8 AM.  Ask anybody who knows me, I don’t mind being up early but I sure hate getting up early.  This time, I think I may get to sleep past 4.  I may make it to 5.  I’m not sure I can handle the decadence.  I know there is a time change between Colorado and Arkansas but I think I can take it.  🙂


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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2 Responses to Race Coming Up! Arkansas

  1. Haha says:

    At least they have air in Little Rock:) Be sure to visit the presidential library; it is very nice. We will be thinking of you. Ganbare!

    • wfig says:

      I didn’t have time to do any site seeing and the weather didn’t encourage strolling around outside. Sigh. I may have to get back sometime.

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