The Workouts 4/4 – 4/10

4/4 – yoga

4/5 – 4 miles out and back on asphalt/dirt.  65 degrees, wind about 8 mph.

4/6 – 4 miles out and back on asphalt/dirt. 60 degrees, wind about 12 mph.

4/7 – 3 miles on treadmill

4/8 – 7.5 hour car trip to Abilene, Ks.  45 min. stroll around the grounds of the Eisenhower Visitor’s Center/Museum/Library

4/9 – Eisenhower Marathon – see post and/or review

4/10 – rest day

A note: I am writing this on Sunday afternoon, watching the wind blowing quite hard and the temp hovering around 45 degrees.  Amazing to think how hot it was yesterday…  Anyway, glad today is a rest day but, interestingly, am not terribly sore from yesterday’s marathon.  Quads are good.  Hips a little sore.  Back a little sore.  Maybe there is something to be said for this walking thing…  😉


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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