Warrior Dash Valkyrie in Training #2

(The following is a guest post from my mother regarding our determination to run the Warrior Dash in Arizona next spring.  This is the second in a series – see Valkyrie in Training #1 and tune in for updates!)

Warrior Dash Valkyrie in Training #2

Walking in my neighborhood comes with challenges.  Pappy says I am “arming up” when I go out to walk.  I laugh and realize he is right.  I don’t leave home without a phone, my ID, and a canister of pepper spray as minimum equipment.  Recently, I added a pair of 1 pound weights and worked my way up to 2 pounds.  My arms get a good workout while I am walking.

It is dark when I start my walk, and early; about 20 minutes before sunrise this time of year.  It is also over 85 degrees, hence the early start.  When I leave my house, I am usually thinking of the 2 footed predators, ending the night’s prowl hung over and cranky.  So, I avoid major streets; I don’t want to have to dodge flying beer cans and mean remarks.

My neighborhood is natural desert and we have an abundance of wildlife.  Coyotes and
bobcats are the most prevalent predator around my house.  Of course, snakes abound as well as lizards, rabbits, quail, and smaller prey items.  I do not fear any of the above listed critters.  They behave in predictable ways and are easily avoidable as long as they are not sick, injured, or guarding young.  Having lived here a while, I know what to expect from a healthy animal and how to stay safe.  The occasional mountain lion will get my attention.  Arming up is a way to make sure I do not become a prey item on the menu.

My training was modified the last few weeks in September.  My workouts included sprinting through airports, climbing up and down on ladders, rolling paint onto walls, and cabinet creeping.  (You would have to have been there.)  Even without regular walks, the extra activity resulted in a small weight loss.  The count is now at 40 pounds.  The  reward has been a boost in confidence.  Some of that new-found confidence has been the result of my husband admiring the fit of my newly purchased jeans.  Shopping is becoming fun again.  🙂

Since I last posted, 4 women have added themselves to our team.  Now we are 6.  Two of them are around my age and self-identify as “geezers”.  The other two are closer
to my daughter’s age and we (the geezers) have dubbed them the “geezettes”.  No, there probably will not be a t-shirt.  So, 6 of us will do the Warrior Dash together.  We have enlisted a couple of our men to provide support in the way of transportation, photography, and cheering.  Six months and counting.


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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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9 Responses to Warrior Dash Valkyrie in Training #2

  1. robin says:

    Now you have me thinking…. Reminds me of the movie “Death Wish’. So, might I suggest a change in your adornment, which might kill two proverbial birds with one stone? Why not strap two .45 caliber pistols to your ankles, and strap a bandalerro over one shoulder? You could increase the amount of ammunition you carry as your strength and endurance increase. Eventually, you could graduate to a .50 Cal. over the shoulder. Wow, I might even take up the new sport! It could be a new twist to the Triathlon! OK, ok…I’m going back into hiding. The voices are telling me to load my guns. :>))

    • Haha says:

      Gotta watch those voices. If they get you into too much trouble, I have an app for that:) Now I know the meaning of LOL! Thanks for the chuckle this morning as I am “arming up” for my pre-dawn romp around the neighborhood. Since I don’t have all the “equipment” you seem to have, I suppose I could take my .40 cal. Glock with me. Never thought of that…forget the pepper spray. Hey, I got it! Tthe Glock rides in a belly pack! It could bounce a few more inches off my belly! Wow! A whole new concept of core training…who knew? The bandalerro might be a bit of an overkill; the local bangers might see it as a challenge and take on the old lady just for street creds. Boy, will they be surprised! Don’t mess with Valkyrie blood.

  2. Wfig says:

    You guys crack. me. up. 🙂

    • Haha says:

      I think Robin has been in the mountains tooooooo long. Time to come in from the cold before the voices tip him over the edge:)

    • robin says:

      Hi Pooh Bear. Just want to say hello and see if you ever check this site. Have a great day! I got the messages automatically, fyi.


      • wfig says:

        What are you saying, exactly?

      • robin says:

        I guess I am saying that I dont understand how these things work. But I’m learning… I mean, remember who you are talking to here: Robin who is still living in the dark ages in the Mtns., listening to voices and loading guns….and training horses. As you told me on the phone, and as I learned from the site, you get these automaticaly…and I signed up for the service too. This is the only ‘blog’ I am involved in, except for Stacey Westfalls, that I sent to you. But I AM learning! :>) Thanks for the education!

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  4. Haha says:

    Hi Robin, I am learning, too. I just figured out that I should check the little boxes so I know when someone comments. Before now, it never occurred to me that anyone would comment on my posts. I am thinking about starting a blog; maybe you should think about it, too. I think a mountain man like you would have quite a following. Long winter nights snowed in…something to do.

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