Guest Post – Tokyo Marathon 2008

This is a guest post written by Pappy about his second experience running the Tokyo Marathon.  I posted his tale of his first year running Tokyo here as Part 1 and here as Part 2.  As before, formatting errors are mine.

2008 Tokyo Marathon

Lately I haven’t been very dedicated to my running.  In fact as of the date of this post I have only run once in twelve weeks, but it was for 26.2 miles.  I didn’t think I would do it but I went ahead and ran the 2008 Tokyo Marathon.  I have had so much trouble with my legs, ankles and tendons that I just didn’t have the motivation to run much.  Toss in the fact that this winter was a little colder with more snow than last year and I just couldn’t get myself  out of bed at 0500 and  out into the weather.  I even tried keeping a running log beginning 84 days before the event complete with a countdown timer. I stopped filling it in after day 51.  Whine, whine.  My plan was to spend the marathon weekend in Tokyo with Bobbie and drop by the Expo just to pick up my race packet; after all it was already paid for.  But as race day approached I began to regret not being prepared.  I decided that I would pick up the packet and start the race, drop out around the 10K point and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Race day was beautiful.  We could see Fuji san from our hotel and I was inspired.  I started the race and felt surprisingly good, the crowd was enthusiastic and at the 10K point decided to continue.  At 20K I was ahead of my pace from last year, very encouraging.  Soon I passed the half way point so why stop now?
Photos  during the race: This time the race was not about split times or finish times but about having a good time.  Actually I wasn’t doing too bad (time wise)  until about 25K; then the lack of preparation took it’s toll.
I’m convinced the tendon straps Wendy gave me made it possible for me to finish the race and be mostly pain free throughout.  I was skeptical at first but a believer now.  They worked.

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  1. Haha says:

    Ah, yes, I remember it well. Pappy went from “I’ll start and run 10k” to “I’ve come half way, so why not finish”. It was no surprise to me; I know him, after all. It was a clear, sunny, cold day in Tokyo and we had a majestic view of Fuji san in the distance. A perfect race day. Pappy was energized. I met him at the finish, as usual. He suffered some for the lack of preparation. However, he was very happy to have finished the race. This was one of those times his mental toughness got him through when his body wasn’t up to it. Mental determination and Wendy’s tendon straps; those little bands are magic:)

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