The Workouts 12/12 – 12/18

12/12 – rest

12/13 – 6 miles on treadmill

12/14 – 5 miles on treadmill

12/15 – 6 mile run on gravel and paved roads

12/16 – rest

12/17 – Rudolph’s Revenge 5 and 10k on pavement and dirt trails along the South Platte River.

12/18 – 10 miles on gravel roads

This week’s training seemed harder even though the miles weren’t high.  The weather was nice through the week and I enjoyed the days but running seemed harder until Saturday and the races in Littleton.  Having new views and running with family made the day incredibly fun.  So…  Rough week down, slate wiped clean, new start once more.


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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1 Response to The Workouts 12/12 – 12/18

  1. Haha says:

    Keep up the good work. You inspire the rest of us with your dedication to your goal. Ganbare!

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