Ultra Marathon Training Tips #3

So it seemed like a good time to take another pass through the tips from James the European Ultrarunner:

  • Don’t take every little set back personally. When you are exhausted it is common to feel paranoid that things are happening because the world is conspiring against you. If a gate is stuck or a stile is wonky or a dog gets in your way. These things will happen and it is important to just shrug or even laugh them off.
  • Similarly, celebrate a little when these little things go right. Like when someone holds a gate open for you or people spot you and get out of the way, or when a part of the path is not muddy or when the sun goes behind a cloud on a hot day. The more reasons you find to smile the more you will smile and the better you will feel.
  • EAT. In my experience the biggest reason for dropping out of ultras because of not eating. It really doesn’t matter (within reason) what you eat just make sure you eat.
  • On the subject of food I find that eating more “normal” food is beneficial. I will load on mashed potato and pork chops with gravy. During a run I will eat cake, crisps, biscuits, sweets, sausage rolls, sandwiches, pepparamis and even a Subway. Eat whatever the hell you like, JUST EAT.
  • Derive pleasure from eating. Worrying about absorption rates and so on if for those who are right at the front. Take food with you that you know you’ll look forward to eating and reward yourself with it whenever you need it.
  • Take on PROTEIN. Not normally required for shorter races but it is needed for long distance.

This time around the tips about eating caught my eye and made me smile.  I’m all over any activity which requires eating while participating.  Except for extreme eating events.  I am not interested in those in any way.  But actual physical activity combined with snacking… yeah, that pretty much does it for me.  😉


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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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3 Responses to Ultra Marathon Training Tips #3

  1. buckjsnort says:

    Howdy and thanks for this…it serves to motivate me. Thanks!

  2. Haha says:

    I like the smile suggestion:) I don’t often see long distance runners smile. I always cheer for everyone during a marathon and I am sometimes rewarded with a smile. Is it time to start talking about the food? I am on this!

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