The Workouts 1/9 – 1/15

1/9 – 3 miles walking – Temps in low 30’s.  Mixed asphalt and dirt roads.  30 min. yoga.

1/10 – 9 mile run on dirt and asphalt.  Felt very good – only walked for about 2 minutes.  Quite a bit of train traffic to manage as this loop crosses RR tracks twice and my timing seemed to be freight train rush hour.  Gorgeous day – nearly 50 degrees and sunny.

1/11 – 5 mile run on treadmill.  Let bitter cold temps and wind keep me inside.  Wind above 20 mph, temps below 15 degrees.

1/12 – 9 mile run mainly on asphalt and sidewalks.  The temp was about 27 degrees with a 19 mph wind blowing and I REALLY didn’t want to run outside but decided I needed to brave it.  Since I have actually heard the saying, “There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing,” I geared up in the wind blocking pants and a couple of long sleeve tops under a wind blocking shell.  I also put on an ear warmer over my hat and a light pair of gloves.  Did my usual 8-9 mile loop in reverse to take advantage of wind blocking provided by trees and houses in town.  Felt very good for entire run – no walking at all.  I get to a point where I really don’t mind being out in the weather.  It’s the GOING out part that sometimes requires an act of will right up there with voluntarily cutting a hole in an ice-covered lake and taking a dip.  (Apologies to those that enjoy that activity.  We are all a tad skewed.)

1/13 – rest

1/14 – 4 hours running – that’s what the schedule called for today.  Not a mileage number, 4 hours of running.  OK.  I’ve run marathons; I know what 4 hours of running feels like.  Might as well try this ‘run 20 min., walk 5 min.’ thing, too.  Haven’t done that yet.  And it was a gorgeous, sunny, mid 40’s day – I could run in shorts!   And I did.

Mostly asphalt roads, some dirt, some field edges.  An out and back to the next town and then an added loop around this town.  Tried out the run/walk routine – this requires determination, patience and self-discipline.

And OMG do I feel slow!  This 4 hour run saw me an hour behind my best marathon pace, much to my endless dismay.  And I know – I give all I can in a marathon and I can’t do that on a training day that is followed by a 3.5 hour run training day.  Gotta save something for tomorrow.  But what if I never see even my modest claim to speed again?  This is depressing.  I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow – I hope today’s restraint was worth it…

1/15 – 3.5 hours running – Hmmm…  Well…  I felt pretty good this morning, not very tired or sore.  Maybe there is something to this training program…

However, I had 3.5 hours on the schedule for today and did a little planning ahead in the off chance I may be tired when I was done with the running.  o_O  I did the house chores and moved hay and filled water tanks for the horses and some other odds and ends I didn’t want to worry about later.  And let me just say – a little planning ahead is a fine and wonderful thing.

My run started off well.  My knees were a little gooey feeling at first but after a couple of miles they felt fine.  I was making more of an effort to run on rough ground to train for this trail race.  There is less impact than running on the paved road, but I have to pick my feet up a little higher and that is a little more tiring.  The first part of the run was fairly comfortable and right to schedule.  The second half felt much more difficult.  My lungs and energy level were all right but my legs were feeling heavy.  So, the return trip took a little bit longer and, by the time I reached home, I was really, really tired.  I felt like I had just finished a marathon.

So now it is about a bottle of Gatorade, packet of Recoverite, bowl of soup and one hour later and I feel up to going out to feed the horses.  And, oh, yes, I am SO relieved I don’t have to haul hay to get them fed.


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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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2 Responses to The Workouts 1/9 – 1/15

  1. Haha says:

    I am learning a lot reading your workouts. It also makes me tired:) After running in such cold temps, the early spring weather at the Old Pueblo 50 Miler will seem like summer. Well, pack for everything.

  2. Robin says:

    I told her she would do like you do: Run with guns and ammo!

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