Yeti Race

Race #3 for 2012 is checked off: the Yeti Chase 5/10k in Lakewood, CO.  These races were held in Bear Creek Lake Park  on the west side of Lakewood near the mountains.  This location is where the original 50 mile race I had planned to enter, the Bear Chase Race, is held.

I registered for this race in December thinking to run it with Mighty Nephew but the race sold out quickly and that didn’t happen.

The morning was crisp and cloudy, about 27 degrees on the car thermometer, slightly breezy – good conditions for a long run.  There was some ice on the lake but the footing on the course was dry.

Parking was easy at the site – the park fee is included in the entry – and packet pickup was organized.  I was easily able to switch from the 5k race into the 10k for $5.  There were indoor bathrooms and outdoor portta potties and coffee and water available before the race.

These two races are held at the same time so I picked the longer one for the miles.  The 5k started on time (I LOVE race directors who start their races ON TIME!!!) followed by the 10k starting on time.  The two courses went in opposite directions and only converged at the end.

The first half of the course was on the paved park road.  The second half was on mixed dirt and concrete paths.  There were a couple of long hills that I briefly considered walking up but ran instead.  We ran below the dam and observed the ice fishermen on what may have been 3/4 inch of ice, tops.  I again let the energy of the race carry me along and ran faster than my training pace the entire way.  I think I did a PR but since I haven’t run many 10k’s that isn’t surprising.

It was about 40 degrees when we finished – still overcast and breezy and just chilly!  There were plenty of post race snacks and drinks though the line to get the goody bag and the snacks was very, very long.  The hot chocolate and cup o soup were very welcome though neither stayed hot for long.

It was a chilly day which did not encourage much lingering after the race but the course was enjoyable with the hills providing a fun challenge.  The volunteers were great – cheerful and helpful and braving the cold in heavy winter coats.

This race had a goody bag – which I haven’t seen in a while.  Some snacks, coupons and fliers and a water bottle filled the bag.

I’m impressed with the overall organization and planning of these races.  Fun and a nice challenge for a Colorado winter!

Oh yes…

The Yeti

…there was a yeti.


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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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3 Responses to Yeti Race

  1. Haha says:

    OMG! A Yeti! How fun! Did you actually chase it? I wonder how many folks interviewed for that gig? It sounds like a fun race and a good day.

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