The Workouts 2/13 – 2/19

2/13 – 3 hours helping friends moving = NSOMAT

2/14 – 9 mile run.  Chilly, but, after running the Ralston half on Sunday, I wasn’t going to let minor chilliness put me off.  Due to excessive railroad traffic I had to change my planned route significantly but I ended up appreciating the change.

2/15 – 5 mile run – chilly late afternoon until just before dark.  Slow but easy and smooth.  Lower body weight training and ab workout at home.

2/16 – yoga

2/17 – 9 mile run – chilly and blah.

2/18 – 2 hours running: Snowman Stampede 5 & 10 mile races.  Nice conditions for the races and I ended up running the 10 mile race 10 minutes faster than the 10 mile race I ran in January.  The concrete trails do make the knees hurt after a while.

2/19 – 2 hours running – overcast and chilly.  Legs cramped a little after mile 2 but walked it off in about half a mile.  Very muddy now and having to stay on paved roads and sidewalks.  Can’t wait for things to dry out a little bit.


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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1 Response to The Workouts 2/13 – 2/19

  1. Haha says:

    I’ll bet you are eagerly anticipating spring and better footing. If the warming trend holds down here, the weather for the Old Pueblo 50 miler should be perfect. Sonoita is higher in altitude than we are here in Tucson but, if it is sunny, it will be very nice for running.

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