Race Coming Up! Arizona (Warrior Dash)

My mother and I are currently registered for the Warrior Dash in Florence, Arizona on April 28.  Yeah, this is it – the one the Valkyrie in Training has been focused on for the last 8 months.  As this has been a personal journey for her, I will let her tell in her own words the anticipation and intrigue of the race…

“Warrior Dash Valkyrie in Training – Penultimate Entry – Jumping the Fire

At some point, it occurred to Team Geezer that we have to jump the fire.  It has become a metaphor for doing the deed, getting it done; actually completing the Warrior Dash.  Next Saturday, April 28, is the big day!  Yea!

I have been wondering if it will be hard (most likely), frustrating (probably), fun (absolutely).  One of the geezers is even bringing a bottle of bubbly to celebrate our accomplishment.  Note the optimism there?  We do expect to finish, no matter what; we have vowed to push, pull, drag, and shove each other over every last obstacle.

Our numbers have dwindled due to injury and other life events but the hard-core folks are still here.  Me, Bobbie, the aspiring Valkyrie; my daughter, Wendy, the reigning Valkyrie; Jess, who doesn’t give a d@%m about Valkyries; and Betty, to whom it just seems like rollicking good fun. Wanda, the injured geezer, will be there for moral support as will Betty’s daughter, head motivator; Jess’s honey, keeper of the cooler; and my hubby, designated photographer.  Can’t do this without our own cheer squad, right?

My training has been hit and miss this month.  Excuses, excuses…surgery, recovering from surgery, recovering from infection after surgery, and, oh, yeah, it is our Yellow Time here in Tucson. Every Palo Verde tree in town is bursting with yellow blossoms, vying for attention with all the other trees.  Even better, each species of Palo Verde blooms on a different schedule providing us with an extended blooming season of rare and spectacular splendor. An exquisitely beautiful time of year with delightful and breath-taking landscapes everywhere you look. Breath-taking on several levels.  As much as I adore the Yellow Time in the desert, it quite literally takes my breath.  It is this particular pollen that knocks me flat in spring.  I spend these glorious days groggy on Benadryl and peering at the world through buckets of tears. Therefore, most of my workouts have been indoors.  Rather than enjoying beautiful mornings walking through my neighborhood, I have been confined to quarters with my hand weights and the TV.  Well, it is what it is.

Still, the Benadryl cannot quell the excitement and anxiety with which I anticipate the Dash.  One of my geezer buds and I are creating hot pink geezer t-shirts for the team.  Even though my daughter has not yet achieved an age at which she can claim geezer status, she has agreed to accept the rank of honorary geezer for the day. So, we are anticipating some mud filled, muscle tearing, fire jumping fun…with bubbly and self-satisfaction as our reward.  Oh, yeah, of course, there is the BLING.  Got to have bling and lots of photos just to prove to ourselves that it was not all an exhausting dream.

There will be one more post to commemorate the end of my odyssey toward Valkyrie status.   Next week, I hope to be able to include photos of the happily and suitably muddy Team Geezer, wearing happy, silly grins.  No blood, we promise each other.  Hey!  That’s a good mantra; no blood, just mud.  Combined, Team Geezer represents two and a half centuries of life.  Ganbare to all of us!”


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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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2 Responses to Race Coming Up! Arizona (Warrior Dash)

  1. Buck says:

    Great Job you two! This is exciting! I wish I could be there to see it, and cheer you on!! I am in your cheering section!! GO FOR IT!!!!
    Enjoy every minute.

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