Running Road Trip #2

So, I’m waiting with close to 10,000 other people for the start of the GoFargo Charity 5 k. At 95 degrees and a light 24 mph wind, I’m glad this is short.
Let me just say – the locals love this town and this marathon.

Anyway. This marathon starts and ends on the NDSU campus at the Fargo dome. A residence hall on campus is taking up for the lack of local hotels and that is where I am staying. I never stayed in the dorm when I was going to school. And looking at this room, all I can say is, Thank. God. (as an aside, I don’t actually have personal space. I have territorial waters and they would not fit in this room. My tack room at home is twice this size. It’s like the photo of the stateroom in the cruise brochure – look closely. The picture is captioned: actual size.). Anyway, on the very plus side, staying here means I don’t have to drive anywhere or fight for parking. With 10,000 runners, this is a fantastic advantage.

Ok – pasta dinner catered by Carinos and nice and tasty. An advertized bonus for this upper Midwest marathon, the dessert was a Scandinavian specialty I’ve never heard of but looked like a rolled wheat tortilla spread with butter and sugar. And that really IS what it was. Huh. I passed a restaurant which advertised cold custard and butter burgers. Yeah – let’s not mess about here – we wants our comfort food, baby.

And I am really enjoying the regional accent which I have mostly dismissed as a Hollywood thing until now.

I’m going to see if I can tweak this a bit. If not – more to come later!




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Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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2 Responses to Running Road Trip #2

  1. Holy Moly! 95 degrees in Fargo??? What is the regional accent, anyway? Give us a sample:) Ganbare, girl!!! You can do this; the rest will have done you good. Can’t wait to hear more about Fargo.

  2. buckjsnort says:

    You’re funny. Good post. But, how did you do it from there? Your phone???
    Enjoy the time. I am rooting for you! Her me?? With a host of others also. Thanks for the post.
    Be safe.

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