So… it looks like you are doing some traveling.

Yeah.  Ok – remember that whole competitive thing?  Yeah.  Well… there’s this running club called 50 States & DC Marathon Group USA.  It seemed like a plan – I’m needing to run long distances to get in shape to run 50 miles.  I find marathon bling motivating.  If I’m going to run all these marathons, I might as well get around some.  If I’m going to travel around running marathons… I might as well get a t-shirt for it!

It made more sense in my head.

During the pre-race dinner for the Eisenhower Marathon, I had a chance to talk with a couple who had recently completed their 50 state tour and were going again just for fun.  They mentioned that upon being presented with their completion t-shirt they did the math and realized the average 50 State club runner spent about $20,000 traveling around doing the races to achieve the $20 shirt.

Huh.  Hmmm…  Hmmm…  Hmmm…

Seems like a bit much.  I’m not entirely sure I’m willing to spend that much on this stuff but I’m going to have some fun with the part I decide to do.

Oh.  Yeah.


About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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2 Responses to So… it looks like you are doing some traveling.

  1. buckjsnort says:

    Howdy and thanks for making the post. Not sure I know where you came down on this but it looks like a lot of work…. for a T Shirt. But if it’s enjoyable, I am all for it! Just wait until it cools off a bit!
    Take Care

  2. Haha says:

    Well…are you ready to travel again? I don’t think you can equate the cost of travel with a $20 t-shirt and make that the extent of the experience. There is so much more gained than a t-shirt or some fancy bling. The travel, the race, the people; the WHOLE experience is what draws you. If that is worth the expense to you; then, fugettaboutit! I noticed that you don’t have anything planned for 2013. It has been a long hot summer everywhere.

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