Running Moments

In no particular order, some of my favorite running moments from the last year:

  • Hearing someone use an actual bugle to play the ‘call to post’ (normally heard to start horse races) during the Fargo Marathon.
  • Running downhill to the sea through tropical jungle and over stone bridges during the Hilo Marathon.
  • Receiving a shell lei along with the finisher’s medal for the Hilo Marathon.
  • Running through Bear Lake State Park on a gorgeous January day with Nephew Nik and Sarah for the Yeti Chase.
  • Finishing a Warrior Dash with my mom and another friend – absolutely covered in mud and grinning ear to ear.
  • Running past black sand beaches and hardened lava tidal pools during Hilo.
  • Having cool and cloudy weather for my first tropical marathon.
  • Doing my week-before-the Hawaii-Marathon-training by circling the promenade deck of my cruise ship.
  • Running on the ship’s deck after a rain left heavily beaded water on the varnished deck railing – and holding my hand on the rail so water flew off in a rooster tail as I ran.
  • Turning a corner on the deck and seeing one of the ship’s officers break into a smile watching me splash the water off the railing.
  • Running under the ship’s life boats hanging above the promenade deck.
  • Watching the Hawaiian Islands pass by as I ran endless circles around the deck.
  • Accommodating the ship’s movement while running on board…
  • … and, once on land, feeling as though the ground was shifting like the deck – during the marathon.
  • Realizing after circling the deck for an hour that the windows I had been passing were lining the walls of the main dining room…
  • … and having someone tell me (cheerfully) they had watched me running during their entire dinner.  (Not sure if I should have said “Thank you” or “I’m terribly sorry”.)
  • Hearing the same current Top 10 song played by 4 different garage bands in jarringly different tempos and skill levels during Fargo.
  • Finishing Fargo inside the Fargo Dome on campus at NDSU.  Out of the chilly wind with plenty of room to stretch, eat and walk around before heading back to the room.
  • Hearing that great accent you hear in the movies.  🙂
  • Seeing a restaurant in North Dakota advertising true comfort food – cold custard and butter burgers.

About wfig

Longtime horsewoman and hiker, occasional world traveler and professional biologist.
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4 Responses to Running Moments

  1. robin says:

    I like that! Good article, and thanks!!!

  2. Haha says:

    Little snapshot moments and they all made me smile. What a great collection of memories. (OMG! I’m almost afraid to ask. What’s a butter burger?)

    • wfig says:

      Thank you – there have been some great ones. 🙂 I looked up butter burger because I was somewhat fascinated by the idea. And yes – it’s exactly what it sounds like. I guess it’s a good thing winter is so cold and long up there.

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