Lost Dutchman Marathon 2/20/11 Apache Junction, AZ

The expo and packet pickup were easy to find and well-organized.  It was not big but there was a good selection of gear and running gifts and the free cookies and chips for the runners were a nice touch.  Pretty long-sleeved shirt.  Goody bag was mostly coupons and a small bag of rice.

The instructions for locating the staging area for the buses to the start line were clear and the suggested timing was good.  Buses were plentiful and present – no waiting required.  The start area was well-organized with a gear bag drop and warming bus, porta potties, beverages and small fires for runners to stay warm near.  The start itself was small and timely.

The weather was a bit threatening – heavy overcast, on and off sprinkles until noon, increasing wind, high about 50 degrees. 

The first part of the course was gorgeous – downhill on a dirt road through the desert.  There were some easily navigated water crossings and great scenery.  The remaining 19 miles were on asphalt, on and off the Superstition Hwy and through sub divisions.  Views of the mountains were nice, running down the highway and through neighborhoods was interesting but not thrilling.  At mile 24, there was a constructed ‘wall’ for runners to pass through which was a cheerful touch.

There were no spectator areas until nearly mile 7.  Overall, there were very few spectators but the few who came out were enthusiastic.  The volunteers working the aid stations were enthusiastic and encouraging – a big thank you to all of them!  Bananas were available at two of the stations and Gu was available at two stations.

Post race food was of good variety and generous quantity.

The different races had dedicated medals and each of them is a very nice piece of art. 

This was a small enjoyable race which I may do again someday.

Overall, I give this race a B.


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